Bonjour de France

Thank you for your patience in waiting to see new posts on my blog and web site, these past few months have been very busy moving countries (I lived abroad for many years and now returned to France) and with all the setting up and getting everything in order, days have been quite full, but now I am ready to start working on different projects again.

I may not be able to post new things right away but will try soon. Here's a very small preview of a new project in the works: a new Bible Miniworld series of sets covering important events in the life of Moses, to complement the one already posted "the Princess and the baby".

Thank you for all your notes and encouraging comments on my blog, if you have any questions or if I miss answering your comments on the blog, don't hesitate to write me.


a small note

I apologize for not having posted newer materials on my blog and web site for awhile, I have been traveling to visit my children. Also, in these coming few months I will be moving, which will take the majority of my time and attention. For this reason I haven’t been working on a new 3D calendar series for 2015. However, hopefully by April or May I will be able to resume my work and will post new projects and possibly new 3D calendars

Thank you for your understanding, in the meantime, do visit my web site, there are many projects available to download.

A bientôt, Didier