a small note

I apologize for not having posted newer materials on my blog and web site for awhile, I have been traveling to visit my children. Also, in these coming few months I will be moving, which will take the majority of my time and attention. For this reason I haven’t been working on a new 3D calendar series for 2015. However, hopefully by April or May I will be able to resume my work and will post new projects and possibly new 3D calendars

Thank you for your understanding, in the meantime, do visit my web site, there are many projects available to download.

A bientôt, Didier

A Man Named Jesus - Christmas comic and activity pages

A new children Bible comic "A Man Named Jesus" based on the four Gospels of the New Testament. Discover and download the first 2 chapters "Two Miraculous Babies" and "Jesus is Born"

You can download these 2 comics both in black and white and in color as well as a Spanish version at this link:

As you look at these on the web site you will find other download links for more Bible materials to accompany these first 2 comics:
  • Flannelgraph pictures, both in black and white and color 
  • Coloring pages
  • and a set of scenery that you can use to create backgrounds for Bible scenes

So, visit the web site and look for these, I offer them to you free, if you like them and if you can, do send a donation, even small, it will be a help and encouragement for me and help me to continue to produce these and share them for free.