Hobbit House Model

First a little update:
the Dino Miniworld project is almost ready to post, just a few things to finalize, but hopefully I should be able to post it soon, so do check again.

Then the Hobbit House Model:
A few years ago, when the first movie of the Lord of the Rings came out, and after seeing the beautiful depiction of Hobbiton from the movie I needed to built a hobbit house, so with plaster and different materials I create this model, it is about 90 cm long and it is made of 2 parts, the front part with the entrance to the house and on the back you could see 2 of the rooms. (for the scale I use small Hobbit plastic figures)

A friend help me to set some small lights inside the model, in some lamps outside, in the fireplace and 2 lights for the room which gives a nice effect when the room is dark.
It was a very fun project to work on. if you like, I can post a few photos of the making of the model in another post.

Here the photos:


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  2. Dear Jacques, your work is very magnifique. I hope to be so gifted like you!!
    That is the kind of hobby that can make the mind high. It's beautiful and warm the heart up.

  3. C'est superbe !!!!