Tintin Miniworld

Here a new project for you to download, and assemble and play with

Available to download for free here: NOTE, due to copyright I had to remove the download pages for the models, sorry about that.

I grew up reading Tintin comics. My first Tintin comic book was "le temple du soleil", I read it over and over and over, studying the art, copying pictures, being fascinated by the simplicity and the details of each picture, and it had a great influence in my style of art later.

So, after many years, (since then I read all the Tintin comics, watch the cartoons (many times) and recently the new movie), I thought to create little figures of Tintin and all the different characters from the comics and do it in the same format of the Miniworld series, so it can be added to the other parts (the castle series, the Dino series) and join in with the adventures.

Tintin comics have their copyright, these are fan creation and free for you to download.

More to come: Dupond et Dupont, le professeur Tournesol and other parts such as the shark submarine of professeur Tournesol, maybe the rocket, that would be a fun one to create, big enough to have the minipeople go inside.

So, hope you like it, have fun creating your own Tintin minipeople, and read again the comics. Thank you Herge for these wonderful comics


  1. What a nice play set, Mr. Didier! I printed the black & white version to my little daughter Maiú!

    She said that I should not forget to thank you!

    Greetings from Brazil!


    1. thank you for your kind note and thank you Maiu,

  2. Hello Didier, I've been interested in your work, since I came across the mini people :-) My kids love them :-) It's great that you decided to take up the idea of creating a mini world of Tintin. And here's my big appeal - could you create also some sceneries to play in? Maybe Tintin's home or Captain Haddock's ship? It would be so great to be able to bring back the best episodes at home. A big pleeeaaase to you :-)

    And best greetings from Poland, Tomasz Stachowicz

    1. Dear Tomasz,
      thank you for your kind note, yes, I will create some scenery to play with the Tintin characters, though I need to create first a few new minipeople, such as the professor, the policemen and a few other to make the set more complete.
      thank you for writing,

  3. Super, j'aime beaucoup, les enfants aussi... C'est bon pour les pluvieuses après-midi normande et si bien dessiné.
    Merci beaucoup.
    Que Dieu vous bénisse.

  4. My sister loves your works and Herge's graphic novel, is it possible to download yet?