Calendar for January 2011

Soon I will be posting another version of the calendar with a 3D picture, I have been preparing the files but unfortunately my computer is not working anymore, some parts have died and I won't be able to access the files for a few days, in the meanwhile you can download this calendar and I will post the other files as soon as possible, here a little preview.

Bible Paper Toys - Book 6 - The Wise Men

The Wise Men Arrived!

You can download the different pages below or the PDF from this link:

A Merry Christmas to everyone!

Bible Paper Nativity - a little note

Dear everyone,

First of all a very big thank you for your sweet notes and comments, I really do appreciate hearing from you.

I receive a few notes asking where baby Jesus is. At first I was worried and thought, "Oh dear, I forgot the most important part!" But baby Jesus is there, you'll find him on page 5 of Book 1.

I apologize as it wasn't clear in my explanation. Probably what caused the question is the part showing how to do the straw to put in the manger as this part is not included in the booklet.

For the straw I used a simple piece of yellow paper, which you can buy in different places. The reason I used the yellow paper is to have the color on both sides, and you can also use the rest of the sheet of yellow paper cut in small strips to put inside the little house to represent the straw on the ground.

And someone asked me also about the pages missing. On the post you will find all that you need to build the nativity, the reason some pages are missing is because they are a repeat of the same ones that I included in each booklet and I didn't want to post them again each time as there were already so many pages. So nothing is missing, and you can download a PDF of the complete booklets here at this link:

Again I apologize for this lack of clarity. In the future, I will hopefully post more paper models of other stories of Jesus' life, then it will be easier to list the different parts as booklet.

But thank you for your comments and questions, this way I am able to meet new friends. And don't forget to check again towards the end of December for the booklet with the wise men and their gifts; they are coming from a long way so it takes them a little while to follow the star.

God bless you and may you have a beautiful Christmas season


Bible Paper Toys - Book 1 - Nativity Figures

Here’s a paper toys model of the Nativity story for you to assemble. You can download the different parts from here; you will find 5 booklets with different figures and parts to create a paper model of the story of the birth of Jesus—the first Christmas.

You can now download theses booklet as well as the Wise Men models PDF at this address:

Each booklet contains the different figures as seen in the cover, and instruction pages with photos to guide you in the making of the model.

Take the time to look through the different pieces and instructions before starting to help you get familiar with the project. Most pieces are simple to put together, a few are a little more complex, but remember always try the parts together before gluing, and if you make a mistake, it is easy to reprint another page.

These booklets are free to download and use for your Christmas preparation, for Bible activities with children or Sunday school. Feel free to share them with others. I simply ask you to not use these for commercial purposes, and to always include my name and copyright. If you like, and enjoy this nativity project you may send me a donation for my work. It will be appreciated and will help me to continue to create more activities.

Hopefully I will try to create other Bible Paper Toys to illustrate the life of Jesus. This first series is made to illustrate the Nativity story, but Bible Paper Toys can also be used to depict other scenes from the Bible, for example a diorama showing the shepherds keeping their sheep at night and the visit of the angels. More photos and ideas will be coming in the future.

Please feel free to comments or write me if you have any questions or suggestions of other scenes to create, and send me photos too of your Nativity model if you like. Thank you.

And now the Bible Paper Toys booklets

Bible Paper Toys - Book 2 - The Nativity House