A Man Named Jesus - Christmas comic and activity pages

A new children Bible comic "A Man Named Jesus" based on the four Gospels of the New Testament. Discover and download the first 2 chapters "Two Miraculous Babies" and "Jesus is Born"

You can download these 2 comics both in black and white and in color as well as a Spanish version at this link:

As you look at these on the web site you will find other download links for more Bible materials to accompany these first 2 comics:
  • Flannelgraph pictures, both in black and white and color 
  • Coloring pages
  • and a set of scenery that you can use to create backgrounds for Bible scenes

So, visit the web site and look for these, I offer them to you free, if you like them and if you can, do send a donation, even small, it will be a help and encouragement for me and help me to continue to produce these and share them for free.