The Nativity Story - black and white pages

Here is a copy of the Nativity Bible Paper Toys in black and white, as well as the town people from the Town set and 2 Roman soldiers from the Easter Bible Paper Toys set.
You can download these files here:

Christmas Paper Crafts for 2013

Hello and wishing you a wonderful Christmas preparation time for Christmas 2013. It is already the middle of November and time to download and assemble your Christmas projects: a paper Nativity, some Christmas cards and Christmas decorations to hang on the tree, and many other projects.

Here is a list of already published projects as well as some new ones for you to download and to print out, either in color or in black and white to use as activities with your children, or for Sunday School activities.

You are welcome to share these with others; I simply ask that you don't sell these files in any form (PDF or printed) and that you keep my name and copyright with the materials. thank you

You can also buy an already printed copy of the paper Nativity booklet, please visit this web site:

Except for the printed copy of the Nativity booklet (the PDF is free to download) and the Christmas decorations, all projects listed here are free for you to enjoy. Because I dedicate a major part of my time to create these and to make them available to download for free, if you can send a donation, even small, it will be greatly appreciated and will help me to continue to dedicate the time needed to create more free materials.

Here's the list

Bible Paper Toys: the nativity story and the Bible town

Christmas pop-up card

The Best Christmas Gift (black and white booklet of the story of the first Christmas, so far in nine different languages)


3D Bible Pictures - the life of Jesus: the Nativity and the visit of the Magi (similar to the 3d calendar pictures series but without the calendar)

Christmas decorations
A new project that you can buy (for a low price) on my Etsy shop