Calendar for September 2011

And here a 3D version of the same calendar for you to make

You can also download a black and white copy of the 3D calendar here:
Or the color version in PDF format:

Dino MiniWorld Camping and Props

Here's another part to the Dino MiniWorld model

And here the PDF to download:

Dino MiniWorld Paper Toys Adventures

Set 1 – Setting up the camp

This model follows the adventures of Bob, Liz, and Tom in their search for a hidden land where live dinosaurs still exist.

Take part in their adventures (story to be posted) or create your own as they explore jungles and mysterious places to discover the hidden land of dinosaurs, while facing many dangers along the way.

In this first set, they are setting up their camp and getting ready to explore at first light. In front of them looms mysterious cliffs, covered with dense jungle vegetation. Through an opening between the rocks they can see a path leading ahead—will this be the way to the land of the dinosaurs? What dangers await them?

Don’t miss the next set: The river crossing (there might be dangerous creatures lurking in the water).

To create the first set, you will need the following parts:

Print, cut out, and assemble the different parts. These photos shows the final set assembled. Feel free to change the layout of the scenery and add more floor tiles. You can also print several extra pages in order to have more rocks etc. for your scenery.

This is a fun project for you to create, to assemble, and to experiment and play with.

Don’t forget to write me if you like it. Send me your comments, or ideas of others parts you would like to see included. And send me photos of your final models. You can meet with friends and start a small paper models club. Another idea is you can use parts from this model to create scenery to play with Lego.

This model is for free for you to use, simply don’t use any of these materials for commercial use. If you like to send a donation of appreciation, it will help me to continue to create these models and many others.

And now the first parts: The makings of the first set of floor tiles set 1 and the people.
Soon to be posted: The camping and props part, the rocks and cliffs, the trees and some dinosaurs fossils. So do come back.

Have fun and do write me!

Dino MiniWorld Floor Tiles

You can download a PDF here:

Dino MiniWorld people

You can download a PDF here:

Hobbit House Model

First a little update:
the Dino Miniworld project is almost ready to post, just a few things to finalize, but hopefully I should be able to post it soon, so do check again.

Then the Hobbit House Model:
A few years ago, when the first movie of the Lord of the Rings came out, and after seeing the beautiful depiction of Hobbiton from the movie I needed to built a hobbit house, so with plaster and different materials I create this model, it is about 90 cm long and it is made of 2 parts, the front part with the entrance to the house and on the back you could see 2 of the rooms. (for the scale I use small Hobbit plastic figures)

A friend help me to set some small lights inside the model, in some lamps outside, in the fireplace and 2 lights for the room which gives a nice effect when the room is dark.
It was a very fun project to work on. if you like, I can post a few photos of the making of the model in another post.

Here the photos: