Calendar for February 2011


And here a 3D version of the same calendar for you to make

You can also download a black and white copy of the 3D calendar here:

Have fun and let me know if you like it

Littletown Paper Toy - train station part 3

Finally, (again so sorry for the long delay) part 3 of the train station: the platform and a few accessories.

This model series is to accompany the story of "Mr. Gardener, Story 1" that you can find here on my blog:

More stories are in the works, as well as other parts of the Littletown model, so check again in the future to download new buildings to start adding to your Littletown.

Coming soon: roads, railroad, the train, trees, and of course various houses and shops to place in your town.

So here's the train station platform, you can download the PDF files here (instruction pages and the color files for the model) as well as a copy in black and white (to color).

3D Calendar for January 2011

Here it is! Sorry for the delay, my computer is now fix (the motherboard needed to be replaced, not so fun but these things do happen)

And a very Happy New Year 2011

You can also download a black and white version here: