Bible MiniWorld Paper Toys – Shepherds and Angels

A new Bible MiniWorld Paper Toys for the preparation for Christmas celebration

The set “Shepherds and Angels” includes: 3 shepherds, their flock of sheep and a sheepdog, a camp fire, a wolf, 6 angels, a palm tree and a set of different scenery blocks to assemble to create hill terrain. 

With this set “Shepherds and Angels”, you can re-create the scene told in Luke chapter 2 of the angels announcing the birth of Jesus to the shepherds.

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2 simple MiniWorld sets

Egyptian Pharaoh and family and Medieval knights and soldiers available to download at my Etsy shop at these link:

The Egyptian Pharaoh and family was already posted as part of a bigger set, but are now available as simpler set, perfect to enhance homeschooling studies of ancient history. You can use these for a diorama display, for re-telling a story, or for children to play with. Enjoy learning with play.

And of course both of these sets are compatible with others MiniWorld sets.