Calendar for November 2011

You can download a color PDF of the 3D calendar here:

And a black and white copy of the 3D calendar here:

Some News, October 16

I haven’t posted much on the blog recently, it has been busy days but I thought to take a little time to post some news and a few photos with different projects in the work.

I have been working on illustrations for some children stories, one about a young squirrel and her rabbit friend, and another one to illustrate the story of “the boy who cry wolf”. You can see a sample of the art here.

I also started work on a Bible flannelgraph series with a dear friend, a long project but good progress is being made. I will write more when the project will be completed and how to purchase the flannelgraph books.

And diverse illustrations for a Christmas story

And last, here a preview photo of the next part of the nativity project for this year, the town of Bethlehem, it is near completion, though there are many details to finalize, but it should be ready to post in November.

You will then be able to create different houses and add many accessories to create a small town (or a bigger one if you have a big display area) not to forget the inn. This will include also new town people, so do check back soon to start downloading the different parts.
And a few weeks ago one of my daughters, Laura, came from Ireland to visit and to spend some time here, so we are taking long walk to talk and to show her different places in town.
Thank you for all the very encouraging comments and letters I have received over the months.