Bible MiniWorld - Visit of the Wise Men

A new set ready to download

This set “Visit of the Wise Men” includes: the 3 Wise Men, Joseph and Mary, young Jesus, 2 houses and a small cover sheep pen, new terrain tiles, many animals: a donkey, chicken and chicks, little birds, and a camel, and also a variety of accessories to add to your camel. You can print out several copies of the camel and add different accessories to create a small caravan accompanying the Wise Men.

With this set “Visit of the Wise Men” you can re-create the scene told in Matthew chapter 2, verses 1 to 12, of the visit of the Wise men in Bethlehem. This set portrays the visit happening in a small house where Joseph, Mary, and young Jesus lived. Presumably, after the birth of Jesus at the inn, Joseph must have rented a small house to raise his family while staying in Bethlehem. After the visit of the Wise men, an angel warned him to flee Bethlehem to go in Egypt, later on when they returned, they went back to Nazareth.

So you can use this set to re-create the scene shown in the photos or simply add the wise men to the other set “Jesus is born” depicting the scene at the inn. You can also use houses from other Bible sets to create a small town.

You can buy this paper model “The visit of the Wise Men" set 6 of the Bible MiniWorld - Jesus, with instant download at my Etsy shop here:

More sets coming soon:
. Part 2 of the inn
. Divers accessories, walls, small buildings to create a Bible town
. another set of the story of Moses: the ten plagues of Egypt (visit my web site for some preview photos)