Calendar for August 2012

Here the 3D calendar for August 2012, you can download the PDF here:

With this PDF you will be able to print a copy of all the parts in color or black and white to assemble a 3D picture, and a copy of the flat calendar in color or black and white as well as a copy of the picture with the corresponding text from the chapter of the Book of Acts, in color or black and white.


Bible Activity Pages - The Parable of the Sower

Here a series of illustrations that you can use to create activities and retell the story Jesus told, “The Parable of the Sower.”

You can download the PDFs here on the new web site:

New “My Little House” Web Site

You are all invited to come visit the new web site for “My Little House”.
Now I can arrange and organize the various projects in their respective rooms. So far, in a way I have been stacking them up in the hallway, but now I am able to arrange them nicely on shelves and put pictures on the wall.

So here’s the address:


Some of the rooms are still empty, but I am working on updating the files, fixing a few things so you can find the PDFs right there on the site.
I will continue to post previews and news on the blog, but the actual files will be on the web site. So do come for a visit.

The projects that have been posted so far are:

In the section: Bible - coloring pages:
. The Easter story

. The parable of the two houses

[] Bible crafts:
. The armor of God paper model

In the section: Little Town Paper Toys - the train set
. The train station

And of course, soon the new MiniWorld project: The Castle and many other items, new and old (as I prepare them for the web site).

Thank you for all your many encouraging comments and mail. This year has been very busy with the preparation of The Castle, which is a big project. But that isn’t all there will be. Many others are in the works.

Thank you for your encouragement! Also, the donations you have sent are very helpful—enabling me to post more projects for free.