"Jesus is Alive" app for i-Phone and i-Pad

An app for your iPhone and iPad created by Dave Peterson using my artwork.

This Bible Easter app for kids includes a wonderful story, interactive jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages, and a matching game.

The app is free for everyone: nothing to purchase, no ads

You can download it here

Visit my web site for the Christmas app available also for free

Preview photo Egyptian chariot

Here a preview photo of a new project in the work, in the series MiniWorld, an Egyptian chariot, to use with the Bible story of Moses or for a diorama for a school project on Ancient Egypt.

This is not the final product yet, but a preview, some details will be fix and changed, and color added and 2 new Minipeople.

New Sci-fi MiniWorld set - Captain Antares

Embark on new adventures to explore the universe, visit the stars, and discover strange worlds with this new MiniWorld series set in the future, with a touch of retro style.

This is the first set, with more to come.
Offer to download for free at my web site: