Paper Cut Out Play-Set "Jungle Adventures"

Take a journey to the African Savannah with these adorable cut out figures of African animals families, lions and zebras, antelopes and giraffes, elephants and crocodiles, and even a family of turtles.

This set includes two terrain tiles to set your animals on, six pages of comic to read and color, telling the story of two children with a young elephant, as well as a set of cut out figures to act out the story from the comic, and two posters to color.

A wonderful present to offer to your children and a fun project to build together as a family.

With this set are simple detailed instructions on how to cut and assemble your play-set. The figures are easy to cut and glue, all your need are a scissors and a glue stick, print out the cut out figures on card-stock paper or heavier paper 160 gr (recommended)
Finished dimensions of the terrain tiles are 27 cm by 36 cm

You can buy this set at my Etsy shop at this link