A Man Named Jesus - Christmas comic and activity pages

A new children Bible comic "A Man Named Jesus" based on the four Gospels of the New Testament. Discover and download the first 2 chapters "Two Miraculous Babies" and "Jesus is Born"

You can download these 2 comics both in black and white and in color as well as a Spanish version at this link:

As you look at these on the web site you will find other download links for more Bible materials to accompany these first 2 comics:
  • Flannelgraph pictures, both in black and white and color 
  • Coloring pages
  • and a set of scenery that you can use to create backgrounds for Bible scenes

So, visit the web site and look for these, I offer them to you free, if you like them and if you can, do send a donation, even small, it will be a help and encouragement for me and help me to continue to produce these and share them for free.

3D Calendar for November 2014

You can download the PDF here:


The Dino MiniWorld Play set is now available to download, as individual set or in group sets or as a complete play set

Visit my web site for more details on each sets as well as photos and link to download the models at my Etsy shop

My Etsy shop

Don't hesitate to write me if you have questions, or to send me some photos of your models. Do check the last page of the comic for a special announcement

Have fun creating your own Dinosaur Play Set, once you have downloaded the files you will be able to print as many copy as you like and create your own adventures, you can follow the samples shown on the photos but you can also create your own Dinosaur Valley.

Visit also the Scenery MiniWorld section for additional parts to add to your model

Dino MiniWorld Paper Toys - FREE SAMPLE

Complete model soon to be posted!

Each mini figure is 5 cm high, so by looking at the photo, you can get an idea of the size of the full model. The full model will be divided in 7 sets. The entire model includes 16 MiniPeople and several dinosaurs: a diplodocus, a pteranodon, a stegosaurus and (a new species) 2 minisaurus, as well as various buildings, scenery parts and terrain tiles.

Once you have downloaded the files, you will be able to print as many copies as you like to create a whole herd of dinosaurs or additional buildings to enlarge your village.

To start on your dinosaur adventure, you can download this FREE SAMPLE model of a minisaurus and one mini figure.

You can download it at this address

There is also a free comic inviting you to follow the adventures of Tom, Liz and Bob in their search of the hidden dinosaur valley.

You can read it on line or download it here

3D Paper Tree House

Have you dreamed of building a tree house? Here is one you can built. Even if you don't have a garden or even a tree, you can still built your own paper tree house.

Easy to built paper craft, recommended for age 10 but younger children can do it with some help.

You can buy the templates and instructions booklet at my Etsy shop at this address:

New MiniWorld Web Site

I started a new Web site dedicated to the MiniWorld Paper Toys series, there I will be posting articles and tips on how to assemble the MiniWorld sets, ideas to create new parts from existing set available, photos, and other tips on paper model in general, etc.

So don't hesitate to write me if you have questions or suggestions or ideas, it will give me ideas on articles to post.

Here the link to the new web site, there is already one article on how to create a rocks and cliffs scenery, you'll see also reference to the new Dino MiniWorld set, which is not out yet, but hopefully soon.

Only 1 article but soon many others. Also I added new sets on "My Little House" web site; a set of rocks and cliffs pieces, some trees and foliage that I refer to on this tutorial, so visit the page, download the different sets (rocks and cliffs, trees, terrain tiles and leaves and roots) and start creating some neat scenery to add to your models. (already available: the castle, the guard post and some extra knights, Vikings as well as the set for baby Moses) and soon to come the new Dino MiniWorld.

3D Bible Pictures

The former 3D Calendar Bible Pictures can now be found, without the calendar part, on the web site at these links below, as well as on the left column of this blog, simply click on the picture to access the web page.

With these PDFs you will be able to print a copy of all the parts in color or black and white to assemble a 3D picture and the picture in color or black and white as coloring pages with accompanying text

Links for the 3D Bible Pictures:

The Old Testament

The Life of Jesus

The Book of Acts

Tintin Miniworld - Minipeople set 2

 3 new characters for the Tintin Miniworld series: Dupond et Dupont et le professeur Tournesol

Available to download for free here: NOTE, due to copyright I had to remove the download pages for the models, sorry about that.

Un extrait du site: 

Dupond et Dupont
Présents dans 20 des 24 albums Tintin, héros d'un feuilleton, dont ils furent les vedettes, et protagonistes de deux pièces de théâtre, les Dupondt jouent plus que les utilités: ils sont un maillon indispensable dans la saga inventée par Hergé.
On peut les identifier grâce à leur moustache: celle de Dupond est taillée droite, tandis que celle de Dupont est recourbée vers l'extérieur.

Le professeur Tournesol
Inventeur de génie, étourdi, sourd jusqu'au ridicule, le professeur Tournesol apparaît pour la première fois en 1944 avec la publication du Trésor de Rackham le Rouge.

Copyright © Hergé / Moulinsart 2014 - Tous droits réservés

3D Calendar for May 2014

You can download the PDF here:

Tintin Miniworld

Here a new project for you to download, and assemble and play with

Available to download for free here: NOTE, due to copyright I had to remove the download pages for the models, sorry about that.

I grew up reading Tintin comics. My first Tintin comic book was "le temple du soleil", I read it over and over and over, studying the art, copying pictures, being fascinated by the simplicity and the details of each picture, and it had a great influence in my style of art later.

So, after many years, (since then I read all the Tintin comics, watch the cartoons (many times) and recently the new movie), I thought to create little figures of Tintin and all the different characters from the comics and do it in the same format of the Miniworld series, so it can be added to the other parts (the castle series, the Dino series) and join in with the adventures.

Tintin comics have their copyright, these are fan creation and free for you to download.

More to come: Dupond et Dupont, le professeur Tournesol and other parts such as the shark submarine of professeur Tournesol, maybe the rocket, that would be a fun one to create, big enough to have the minipeople go inside.

So, hope you like it, have fun creating your own Tintin minipeople, and read again the comics. Thank you Herge for these wonderful comics

Viking Minipeople Paper Toys

4 Viking figures to cut out and assemble from the series Castle Miniworld

14 pieces, including removable shields, weapons and viking helmets

You can download them (for $3.20 USD) at my Etsy shop with instant download at this link: