Calendar for August 2011

And here a 3D version of the same calendar for you to make

You can also download a black and white copy of the 3D calendar here:

Dino MiniWorld – Preview


You may be wondering when the rest of the Dino paper toys will be posted... Well, originally I was going to make it simple and post a few other pieces, but as I was working on it, new ideas started to form and I decided to take a little more time to work on it and present a more complete model.

It will be a real paper toys that you can put together and actually play with. The younger children will need help to put the parts together (though I will try to keep them simple), but it could be a fun project to work on together: dad, older brothers and sisters, mom, friends.

Here are preview photos of what it looks like so far, and this is only the beginning.

It will have tiles that you can use for creating floor scenery, and you will be able to rearrange the tiles in different ways every time you play to create your own MiniWorld. It will have people, accessories, rocks, cliffs, and I will teach you how to make foliage out of color paper. And you will be able to rearrange every piece the way you like to create new scenery.

Here are sketches of other projects in the work: a dinosaur’s look-out, a cave and you’ll be able to play with the people inside the look-out or the cave, different trees, a bridge, and I will update the Dino truck so you can actually open the top and place the people inside.

I am also working on another series: a Castle MiniWorld scenery. (I already did one, but I am fixing it now to fit this new series (see the photo though it will be a little different).

And after several parts of the Dino MiniWorld will be posted, you will be able to use the scenery and people to play a 3D game; I plan to post other parts to add to the scenery to turn it into a 3D game board.

So check again for the Dino MiniWorld Paper Toys. In the meantime, here’s a small sample page that you can already print to try out, it is not final, but you can have a little sneak peek, (one tip: you can glue a small coin inside the box forming the character, before gluing the top of the head, to add extra weight)

So do come back very soon to check on the progress.