Nativity Bible Paper Toys Book

Now available in printed form, the paper model of the Nativity. Though still available to download as a PDF from the web site, you can now order an already printed cardstock package book that comes with a booklet of instructions, both in English and Spanish.

It is already late for preparation for Christmas this year and I do apologize. It is my first printing project and the printer wasn’t able to deliver it earlier. However, you can still order it and if you order it right away (by the 5th of December) I should be able to get it to you in the US or Mexico by around the middle of December, but it doesn’t look like I can get it to the rest of the world before Christmas.

Simply send the amount via my PayPal account to Also, remember to include your mailing address.

The prices for the US or Mexico is 12 dollars (shipping included), and for the rest of the world is 16 dollars (shipping included).

Again, sorry for the short notice. To those who do purchase this printed version, thank you.


Calendar for December 2012

Here the 3D calendar for December 2012, you can download the PDF here:

With this PDF you will be able to print a copy of all the parts in color or black and white to assemble a 3D picture, and a copy of the flat calendar in color or black and white as well as a copy of the picture with the corresponding text from the chapter of the Book of Acts, in color or black and white. 

Nativity Bible Paper Toys

I posted the nativity Bible Paper Toys, a compilation of booklets 1 to 6, on my web site, as well as an update instructions booklet in English and Spanish.
The PDFs are listed there, easier to download.

Merry Christmas!

A Thank You Note and Baby Jesus

First, a big thank you for all your comments and notes and letters, and encouragements and support, it is a little difficult at time to answer the comments as they are in different places in the blog posts, but I do read them and I really appreciate and thanks everyone of you for writing them.

And if you have questions, or suggestions or ideas or projects that you’ll be interested to see, do write me, I will try to answer you as soon as I can.

Now for the Nativity Bible Paper Toys, I received a few letters asking where is baby Jesus on the booklet 1, baby Jesus is there, on page 5, on the bottom of the page, and the manger box is on page 4. 

The only thing I didn’t include in the booklet is the yellow paper to form the hay, I suggested using an actual piece of simple yellow paper in order to have color on both side, here a page from the instructions pages on how to do it.

Hope it is helpful, thank you for downloading the Nativity; soon I will be posting on my web site an update version of the instructions pages in English and Spanish, as well as the models parts again with easier link to download it.

Thank you,


Christmas Pop-up Card

Here a Christmas Pop-up Card for you to download and assemble, either in color or black and white, as well as a series of small pictures decorations to add to your card. 

You can download it here:

Merry Christmas!

The Best Christmas Gift

Here is a small coloring booklet with the message of Christmas. You are welcome to print as many as you would like to share with others.

Here you will find the pdf for the booklet in several languages:

A Merry Christmas to everyone!


PS: on the photo, the little cross-stitching picture of the deer was created by one of my daughters, who has a beautiful web site that you should visit; here the link:

Miniworld Fan Mail

Here a Fan Mail photo of the Dino Miniworld, with a good idea of using the cave and palm tree from the Easter set from the Bible Paper Toys.

Thank you Emma, a very neat photo

Miniworld Paper Toys Adventures

I started to re post the files for the Miniworld paper Toys on my new web site:
(The web site is still under construction but the files should be there under the Miniworld Paper Toys section)

With these new posts, I edit and update the files, so, do make sure to check and download the latest ones, there you will find the PDF to download as well as the instructions, and …

As you can see from the picture below, new parts to add to your Miniworld:
[] New terrain tiles
[] 2 new characters that a young friend sent me (in the section Fan Art, include with the pdf)
[] And finally, the first dinosaur, a stegosaurus, (one of my favorite)

If you like, you can write me for ideas on next parts to add to the series, or send your fan art or photos of your models, and if you agree, I could post them to share with others (I’ll ask you first and I might fix them a little to make them fit for printing)

There are many others parts, old and new, almost ready to post as well as a list of ideas that I will try to get too as soon as I can.

Have fun creating your Miniworld!