A Thank You Note and Baby Jesus

First, a big thank you for all your comments and notes and letters, and encouragements and support, it is a little difficult at time to answer the comments as they are in different places in the blog posts, but I do read them and I really appreciate and thanks everyone of you for writing them.

And if you have questions, or suggestions or ideas or projects that you’ll be interested to see, do write me, I will try to answer you as soon as I can.

Now for the Nativity Bible Paper Toys, I received a few letters asking where is baby Jesus on the booklet 1, baby Jesus is there, on page 5, on the bottom of the page, and the manger box is on page 4. 

The only thing I didn’t include in the booklet is the yellow paper to form the hay, I suggested using an actual piece of simple yellow paper in order to have color on both side, here a page from the instructions pages on how to do it.

Hope it is helpful, thank you for downloading the Nativity; soon I will be posting on my web site an update version of the instructions pages in English and Spanish, as well as the models parts again with easier link to download it.

Thank you,



  1. Sa ville de Bélem est la seule chose parfaite manquant à mon humble avis est un bien. L'année dernière et cette année je l'ai fait aussi. mais tu es le seul génie de l'artiste faite par vous doit être phénoménale

  2. Hi,
    I see that you changed women's bodies.
    Please, can you change the mary's body?