Castle MiniWorld - Cut, assemble and play

New set of Minipeople, from the Castle Miniworld Paper Toys series.
Free to download! Simply print, cut out and assemble to start your new Castle MiniWorld adventures.
Download this new set here:


A fun project for parents and children to cut out and assemble.

Many hours of fun together building the castle! Everyone can help. Some parts are a bit more complex to cut and assemble, but Dad and Mom can help with those parts. Take your time, listen to your favorite music, or audio stories, and build a model that you'll be proud to show your friends.

And once you've built your model you can play with it! It's more than a paper model, it is also a toy!

The castle comes with 12 Minipeople that you can play with in your castle. you can also visit the web site at to download free MiniWorld accessories: terrain tiles, the Guard Post, as well as other Minipeople and MiniWorld sets. (More to come)

Order your model today, 56 pages of parts to assemble to create this castle and its inhabitants, with moving parts and fun details. Included is a detailed instruction booklet in English and Spanish to take you step by step through assembling your castle.

For only 15 dollars, simply send the amount via PayPal account to