Calendar for May 2011

And here a 3D version of the same calendar for you to make

You can also download a black and white copy of the 3D calendar here:

Bible Paper Toys - a little note

You have seen on the photo of the Easter paper model, two palm trees, these were posted earlier with the Christmas package

You can find them here:

The palm tree:

The animals:

The floor of the Easter model is made using color sheets of foam. You can use others parts of the Bible Paper Toys to add to your scenery or create other stories from the Bible, I am presenting working on figures for the stories of Moses and Pharaoh which I hope to post sometimes soon.

Also, I'll be happy to see final photos of your models and feel free to ask if you have questions or comments or ideas of others parts that could be created for the Bible Paper Toys series.

Thank you for all the comments and notes you have sent already

Bible Paper Toys - Easter

Here’s a model of the Easter story for you to assemble.
You can download the model here:

Take the time to look through the different pieces and instructions before starting, to help you get familiar with the project. Most pieces are simple to put together, a few are a little more complex, but remember always try the parts together before gluing, and if you make a mistake, it is easy to reprint another page.

These booklets are free to download and use for your Easter preparation, for Bible activities with children or Sunday school. Feel free to share them with others. I simply ask you to not use these for commercial purposes, and to always include my name and copyright. If you like, and enjoy this project you may send me a donation for my work. It will be appreciated and will help me to continue to create more activities.

Bible Paper Toys - Easter Figures

You can also download a copy in PDF format here: