Calendar for October 2011

I'd like to dedicate this calendar to Yazmin who sent me a beautiful picture of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane that I used for the idea to create this calendar for October, thank you Yazmin.

You can download a color PDF of the 3D calendar here:

And a black and white copy of the 3D calendar here:

Dino MiniWorld PDF Tree Link

My apologies for the broken link for the Tree PDF link, I try to fix it a few time but somehow something didn't work, but it should be working now.

Thank you for all your good reactions for this project.

A few people wrote me also about the castle model, it is in my work list, but with Christmas coming up, I have a few projects to finish up first, an illustrated booklet about the first Christmas with some activities to accompany the story, and more parts to add to the Nativity set I posted last year, So I will post the castle model beginning of next year as these different Christmas projects needs to be posted in time for everyone to have time to download them and assemble them.

Thank you for your patience and kind notes.


Dino MiniWorld Trees and Fossils

The last parts for the set 1 of Dino MiniWorld

You can download the PDF here:

You can download the PDF here:

Links to PDF 3D Color Calendar

Links for the different PDF for the 3D calendars in color.

If you prefer to use the picture only, simply cut out the calendar and assemble the different parts to form the 3D pictures to create 12 images of events from Jesus' life.

January: The Wise Men

February: Young Jesus Visits Jerusalem

March: Jesus Was Baptized

April: Jesus and Nicodemus

May: Jesus Chooses His Disciples

June: Jesus And The Samaritan Woman

July: The Sermon On The Mount


August: Jesus Healing Ministry

September: Raising Of Lazarus