Christmas Dioramas

Celebrate the Christmas season with these 8 CHRISTMAS DIORAMAS depicting the different events of the birth of Jesus. Read the stories with your children from your favorite Bible or retell the stories in your own words. Then have fun with your family, cutting and assembling these mini scenes.

This is a wonderful present to offer to your children, grandchildren, or friends for this Christmas season.

Each of these dioramas includes a background, the main characters from the stories, and a variety of extra details to enhance your scenery. Included with the booklet are simple instructions to help you through the steps to create your dioramas. These could be a fun projects to work on with your children in preparation for Christmas. They are easy to build with just scissors and white glue.

Also included as a BONUS, with the color version, is a PDF with a copy of all the sets in black and white that your children can color.

Finished dimensions are roughly 21 cm by 8 cm.

You can download a free copy of one of the Christmas diorama : "Jesus is born" here:


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Merry Christmas!

Castle MiniWorld - the old knight

A knight and his horse from the series Castle MiniWorld, including detailed instructions on how to assemble the model.

30 pieces, including a removable shield, sword and helmet. Once you download this model, you will be able to print other horses for your other knights, since all figures from the different MiniWorld sets are interchangeable.

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