Calendar for December 2011

You can download a color PDF of the 3D calendar here:

And a black and white copy of the 3D calendar here:

Bible Paper Toys – Bethlehem Town

Here a series of booklets to create and assemble a small town to accompany the Nativity Story model.

These houses have been created as an addition to the nativity set but you can also use these buildings for Bible scene display, for teaching and acting out Bible stories. 

With these sets you can assemble the different houses shown on the cover of the booklet but you can also print out several parts again and create new building, combining different pieces. These houses are simple to assemble; though the inn is a little more complex as it consists of several buildings.

First read through the instructions booklet on how to assemble the houses, this cover the basic steps. You can also add other details not include in the booklets to enhance your models.

You can download these booklets here

News, November 13, 2011

Here some sample art I work on this month, a few photos preview of the coming Bible Paper Toys "Bible Town" and a very interesting tutorial on paper modelling

First some art sample of project I work on

And here a few photos preview of the soon to be posted new sets of the Bible Paper Toys for Christmas, I am doing the final checking (to make sure everything is right) and should hopefully start posting it very soon before the end of the month, so do check back again soon to start downloading your Bible Town, it will have 5 houses (including the inn), many accessories for your town and a new set of people.

And recently I received a newsletter from a paper models designer
With a link to a very good video tutorial teaching the basic of paper modelling, so check it out at the link below

It is a very good site with some free models to download and others to buy, and lots of tips and tutorials to create wonderful models
And again, thank you for your very kind comments and encouragement in response to my blog