Bible MiniWorld - "Journey to Bethlehem"

This small set portrays the part of the story when Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem from Nazareth to pay their taxes to the Roman government as ordered by the edit from Caesar Augustus.

This set “Journey to Bethlehem" includes: Joseph, Mary, and a donkey; as well as a terrain tile, and a palm tree and some rocks to place in the scenery. You can print out additional copies of the palm tree, rocks, and terrain tile to create a larger set and to add it to your sceneries of Bible story displays.

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Christmas time - Jesus is born app

Celebrate Christmas with your children by learning about the wonderful story of Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus.

An app for your iPhone and iPad created by Dave Peterson using my artwork.

This app includes 4 new comics illustrating the story of the first Christmas, flannel graph style pictures your children can move around with sound effects, coloring pages, and 8 puzzles with 3 levels of difficulties.

The app is free for everyone: nothing to purchase, no ads.


Download this app for free here: