Medieval MiniWorld "The Sword in the Rock"

A scene depicting the story of “the sword in the rock” when young Arthur pulls out the magical sword from the anvil and therefore becomes the rightful new king of England. It was originally told in an older poem from the 13th century by Robert de Boron. This legend has been adapted and retold in many books, movies, and animations since.

This set includes a small scenery with a tree, the anvil, a rock, a small building and 8 Mini-people with their removable shield, swords, bow and arrows, as well as an owl. The Mini-people are about 5 cm high.

Easy to build paper crafts, recommended for ages 10 and above, but once built, children younger can play with these figures.

Assembly instructions included.

You can download it at my Etsy shop at this link:
If you are interested, you can find a copy of the book Le Morte d'Arthur originally written in the 15th century by Sir Thomas Malory on the internet (it is in the public domain) where you can read an account of this story.