Calendar for May 2012

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Update and Preview of Project in the Works—April 19

It has been awhile since I posted new projects on the blog, besides the monthly 3D calendar, but I have been working on the castle and though it is not done yet, here are a few preview photos.

I am working on the first two sections, one will be a house, the other the guard’s tower. As you can imagine there are lots of details involved. Both sections will have a basement, the oubliettes, and a secret passage.

After doing the mock-up and fixing all the details, to make sure everything fits well together, I have started on the texture for the different parts; here you can see a preview of the small room under the house.

The house itself is different from my original model, but will still have plenty of interesting details to place inside and a nice fireplace.

It will have new people and creatures, (and many different accessories that you can make to furnish your castle).

Here’s a photo of the guard tower, though it will be somewhat different in the final.

And here are a few sample pages of the texture being worked on.

And if you are interested, here are some books I have been collecting on castles and medieval life, for inspiration. I’m including here a list of the titles and authors of these books, in case you would like to order them on line or at your local bookshop.

Again, thank you for your comments and letters, it is always a great encouragement. And to those of you who have sent donations, your gifts are a great help to continue to producing.

Thank you, Didier

List of books about Castles and Medieval Life

[] The time traveller’s Guide to Medieval England
By Ian Mortimer
[] Living in Castle Times
Usborne First History
[] An Usborne First Bilingual Reader
El Castillo Misterioso – Mystery Castle
[] Hands-On Heritage
Medieval Times Activity Book
[] The Luttrell Village
Country Life in the Middle Ages
By Sheila Sancha
[] Inside Story
A Medieval Castle
By Fiona MacDonald and Mark Bergin
[] A Year in a Castle
By Rachel Coombs
Millbrook Press
[] Castle
By David Macaulay
[] Cross-sections Castle
By Stephen Biesty and Richard Platt
A DK Publishing Book