Miniworld Paper Toys Adventures

I started to re post the files for the Miniworld paper Toys on my new web site:
(The web site is still under construction but the files should be there under the Miniworld Paper Toys section)

With these new posts, I edit and update the files, so, do make sure to check and download the latest ones, there you will find the PDF to download as well as the instructions, and …

As you can see from the picture below, new parts to add to your Miniworld:
[] New terrain tiles
[] 2 new characters that a young friend sent me (in the section Fan Art, include with the pdf)
[] And finally, the first dinosaur, a stegosaurus, (one of my favorite)

If you like, you can write me for ideas on next parts to add to the series, or send your fan art or photos of your models, and if you agree, I could post them to share with others (I’ll ask you first and I might fix them a little to make them fit for printing)

There are many others parts, old and new, almost ready to post as well as a list of ideas that I will try to get too as soon as I can.

Have fun creating your Miniworld!

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