Littletown Paper Toy

Here's a preview of a new paper toy model in the works, Littletown of Mr. Gardener. First will be the train station. Get ready with your scissors and glue, and come back soon to download the first part.


  1. Oooh ! I know two little boys who are going to love this...


  2. Very nice, thank you a lot ! When will the rest of the train station (platform) be available, oooh, I'm so inpatient. :)


  3. thank you, so, so sorry I am the one who is behind in my work and post, the platform is almost ready with a few more people and different details, I need to finish the instructions page. But I will try to post it very soon.
    (Right now I am finishing also a paper nativity model, almost Christmas time)

    Then I will continue on the Littletown model. Soon to come: trees and road, (almost done) and buildings and shop and the train of course with the railroad track

    So thank you, you are not being impatient, I am the one being late