Some News and Preview - February 2012

Thank you for all the notes and comments and letters. I didn’t post very much these past two months but I have been working and preparing different projects.

Here a few sample of art I have been working on:
(these illustrations are copyright and may not be reproduce)

And here some photos of projects in the work to be posted hopefully soon

First, new parts for the Dino Mini World:

A waterfall with rocks and 2 new tiles, a set of river tiles and a small jungle hut with a new character to add to your sets.

Also in the work for the Dino Mini World: a rope bridge, dinosaurs and crocodiles and 2 new characters (the villains) and their fantastic flying machine.

I started work as well on another set: Castle Mini World, you have seen a picture of the model I had already made, but I am fixing and re-layout the different parts and adding a new level under the castle with secrets passages and oubliettes so the little people may have many adventures

And a new set of Bible paper Toys: the story of Moses

So do check again for others news (of smaller projects) or to download some of these models.

Thank you for your help and financial support as well, I live on a small income and work on these different projects in order to share them with everyone and your gift and donations help me to continue to be able to give them out for free. Thank you,



  1. Your work is really fantastic and you are so generous! I built the dino world for my friends son and he love it. :) If you don't mind a suggestion; he asked if there was a T-junction (I think it's called) for the roads. Thank you for many hours of fun <3

  2. Thank you, No I didn't do that for the road, but it is a good idea, and I will put that on my list to add to the project