Preview photos of new projects in the work

Here some photos of new projects I have been preparing, as you can see some are nearer completion while others are still in the rough stage, though a lot of the creative work is already done. Some changes may happen in the final stage.

So far for this coming year I am planning some new sets for the Dino Miniworld, as well as new Minipeople and a series of dinosaurs; a new castle tower with Minipeople; another Miniworld Bible set and if time, some more paper model set for the story of Bidou and Boubou, for younger ones. And some art projects too. 

If you have ideas of projects I could create for the Miniworld sets, write me, I can't promise I'll do everything, but it might gives me new ideas.

So here the photos

Dino Miniworld - ruin temple entrance

Dino Miniworld - jungle village

Dino Miniworld - a new exploration truck

Castle Miniworld - vikings


  1. That looks truly awesome! Is that a secret compartment I see there in the ruins? What fantastic imagination you have. :)

  2. Wow ! I love the truck.... so many details !

  3. I really like your Dino Miniworld!

    What has become of the waterfall set you've previewed in February 2012?

    Wouldn't that be a great start for this year as it looks finished?

    Thanks and greetings!