Dino Miniworld preview photos of progress in the work

Here some preview photos of the Dino Miniworld sets in the work, I am still working on some other parts, such as the dinosaurs, (still need their color) and other parts are done but not assemble yet for testing, such as more Minipeople and an updated version of the camp (which was originally posted earlier on the blog)

But good progress is being made and these should be available in the near future. I am also preparing a comic booklet to accompany these new Dino Miniworld sets.


  1. Hello, Mr.Didier,

    Why you don`t add a Google+ botton to your site, so We can share your posts with our friends.

    Greetings from Brazil!


  2. Hi! My name is Adrielle! 'm Brazilian! Love your work and have fun doing them myself with my daughter.
    I am not getting download any calendars 2013 and some 2012 calendars.
    What do I need to download these files?
    Thanks for your help! And God bless you.

  3. The 3D pictures from the calendars for last year and 2012 and 2011 are being posted again on the web site without the calendar part in order to be use as 3D Bible pictures. I am currently working on the 2011 year, then will do the 2012.
    Sorry about the problem with the links, when I change to the new web site all the links from the former one were not working anymore, but many projects are being fixed, updated and posted again.
    Thank you for writing, Didier

    Here the link for the calendars 3D pictures:

  4. Hello, Mr. Didier,

    Many thanks for your kind words at my blog! I always take a kook at your blog too. I am fan of your work, follow your blog and love your little buildings and characters. The buildings are perfect for Playmobil figures and I built some of them for my little daughter Maiú. your new project, "Dino Miniworld" is simple great!

    All the best and greetings from Brazil!


  5. i like tintin mini world people set make more

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