a small note

I apologize for not having posted newer materials on my blog and web site for awhile, I have been traveling to visit my children. Also, in these coming few months I will be moving, which will take the majority of my time and attention. For this reason I haven’t been working on a new 3D calendar series for 2015. However, hopefully by April or May I will be able to resume my work and will post new projects and possibly new 3D calendars

Thank you for your understanding, in the meantime, do visit my web site, there are many projects available to download.

A bientôt, Didier


  1. ¡Hola Didier!

    Ya me había preocupado por usted porque no había escrito nada, pero gracias a Dios al fin tenemos noticias suyas. Le agradezco por todo el material que ha puesto, es de gran bendición ya que desde que descubrí su página he quedado encantada con ella y bastante material he agarrado para mis clases que doy a niños e la iglesia. Esperaré con ansías sus próximos proyectos.

    Dios le bendiga y lo siga usando para su ministerio.
    Saludos desde México


  2. In my church we have a Bible school project involving many children of different ages, during the 2014 children worked with "Bible Paper Toys", complementing Paper Toys with a model of the Promised Land and including the characters in the model to teach them with crafts on the Old Testament from the entrance to the promised land unto the prophets. During 2015 work with "Bible 3D pictures" for children to present an exhibition of paintings of the New Testament (specifically the life of Jesus and the facts)

    I share with you some pictures:

    Just thanks for all your work, you are a bless for my church's kids, I bless you!
    Saludos desde Chile!

  3. I'm missing those monthly calendars, but we purchased the dino world set from your site & my classes here in china are working on those slowly. I still have to teach them English the majority of the time, but most of the kids like making the projects. i'll send photos again when we get finished. I hope you got our Christmas photos from here, 2014. lots of love, j