Bible MiniWorld - Moses Confronts Pharaoh

     Cut, fold and assemble this impressive paper model representing the Bible scene in which Moses confronts Pharaoh in his throne room. This large set, 37 cm long and wide by 16 cm high comes with 13 MiniPeople and many accessories, along with many parts to create the inside of the great hall, including thrones for Pharaoh and his queen. You will find complete instructions charts to guide you in the assembling of your model.

     Once you have downloaded this set, all you will need to do is print it (some pages on card-stock and others on normal paper, as indicated on the model instructions). Then with basic tools: sharp scissors or a paper cutting knife, a ruler, and simple white glue, you’ll be able to create this well-known Bible scene to complement and retell the exodus of the Hebrew people from bondage in ancient Egypt.

     With this set comes also a photo booklet illustrating the story using the actual model pieces. You can read the story with your children or use this as ideas to retell the story in your own words using the figures and scenery from the model. 

     See the other Bible paper model in this series for additional scenes in the stories of Moses.

     This model can also be used for a school project or a diorama to illustrate an ancient Egypt scene in the time of one of the great Pharaohs. 

     You can doanload this new set here at my Etsy shop:

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